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The book "Maritime Spatial Planning: past, present, future (2019)" co-authored by s.Pro is available on SpringerLink and belongs to the top 25% most downloaded eBooks in its respective eBook Collection in 2019. Get the book for free.

This open access book is the first comprehensive overview of maritime or marine spatial planning. Countries across the globe are beginning to implement maritime spatial plans; however the authors of this collection have identified several key questions that are emerging from this growing body of MSP experience. s.Pro experts have made a significant contribution to this publication. It is edited by s.Pro's external experts Kira Gee and Jacek Zaucha.
The following chapters are written or co-authored by the experts of s.Pro sustainable projects: -The Ocean Perspective, by Kira Gee. -Challenges and Opportunities for Ecosystem-Based Management and Marine Spatial Planning in the Irish Sea, by Tim O’Higgins, Linda O’Higgins, Anne Marie O’Hagan, and Joseph Onwona Ansong. -Maritime Spatial Planning and the EU’s Blue Growth Policy: Past, Present and Future Perspectives, by Angela Schultz-Zehden, Barbara Weig, and Ivana Lukic. -The Need for Marine Spatial Planning in Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction, by Susanne Altvater, Ruth Fletcher, and Cristian Passarello. -Can Classical Location theory Apply to Sea Space? by Jacek Zaucha. -Towards a Ladder of Marine/Maritime Spatial Planning Participation, by Andrea Morf, Michael Kull, Joanna Piwowarczyk, and Kira Gee. -Education and Training for Maritime Spatial Planners, by Helena Calado, Catarina Fonseca, Joseph Onwona Ansong, Manuel Frias, and Marta Vergílio.

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