The Exchange Lab will discuss the value, role and importance of sediments in estuarine ecosystems and also introduce the management context of the Eems-Dollard estuary.

At the Exchange Lab, IMMERSE partners, North Sea Region estuary managers and relevant stakeholders will explore solutions and share experiences through a variety of discussion formats. Anyone with an interest in North Sea Region estuary management is encouraged to attend. We invite you to register to join in the interactive discussions at the Exchange Lab, where participants will have a unique opportunity to share expertise and to develop new ideas for management solutions. Registration closes on 18 March.


Forum Groningen
Nieuwe Markt 1
9712 KN Groningen

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Wednesday 1 and Thursday 2 April 2020


The main theme of this Exchange Lab is about sediment management in estuaries, in particular the development of innovative methods and how sediment management strategies can contribute to the improvement of the quality of estuarine systems (support sustainable development of estuaries).

Different aspects of sediment management strategies will be considered:

1) Long term sediment management strategies

2) Managing turbidity

3) Governance: structures and processes

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